[Speex-dev] 2 questions, frame size and SPEEX_GET_LOOKAHEAD

Jia Pu jpu at apple.com
Mon Oct 30 17:47:06 PST 2006

1. What to do with the last frame that is smaller then frame size?
During encoding, the last frame is often smaller than the required  
frame size. In the sample code, proper number of zeros are padded at  
the end. So if I don't want those padded zero after decoding, I assume  
that it is up to me to keep track of the number of zeros. Is it right?

2. What does SPEEX_GET_LOOKAHEAD do? How to use it?
In speexenc.c, there is following code:

speex_encoder_ctl(st, SPEEX_GET_LOOKAHEAD, &lookahead);
nb_encoded = -lookahead;

Can someone explain what this means?


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