[Speex-dev] Echo Canceller trouble in 1.2beta1

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Fri Oct 27 20:59:13 PDT 2006

> I will want to use this with a 16K sample rate. Is it expected to
> work well with just another slight patch, or will we need to modify
> it more deeply?

Just use SPEEX_ECHO_GET_SAMPLING_RATE to let the aec know what sampling
rate you're using (default is 8000).

> Also, are there any tunable parameters besides tail length? I am
> wondering about the aggressiveness of adaptation and I know you are
> an expert in that area.

There's no aggressiveness parameter, though I guess I could add a
parameter that controls the tradeoff between fast adaptation and
steady-state cancellation. Another thing, you might want to use the new
API (speex_echo_cancellation() in svn) since it makes it easier to use
the residual echo suppression (aka nonlinear processing). That one does
have an aggressiveness (distortion vs echo left) parameter. See
testecho.c in svn for how it works.


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