[Speex-dev] To symbian and speex developers! Building instructions

Alfred E. Heggestad aeh at db.org
Fri Oct 20 14:02:25 PDT 2006


please see the attached patch which fixes some of the symbian issues..


Сергей Паю wrote:
> Hello to everyone!
> During building speex library for Symbian OS I encountered some problems. All thess problems can be solved by modifying the speex sources. I don't have access to SVN repository of speex, so I will just describe the changes to be done:
> 1) mmp file in symbian derictory misses windows.c sources. You need to add this string into speex.mmp:
> SOURCES windows.c
> 2) Symbian OS doesn't support static writable data, so you have to modify filters.c sources file. You need to make all global definitions of shift_filt constant. Like this:
> const spx_word16_t shift_filt[3][7] = ... (just add 'const')
> Also it will be excellent if somebody can make symbian readme more informative. I think readme file should remind to symbian developer to include speex.lib as STATICLIBRARY reference. Otherwise symbian developer will waste a lot of time trying to find the reasons for linking problems,
> Thanks,
> Payu Sergey
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Index: symbian/bld.inf
--- symbian/bld.inf	(revision 11929)
+++ symbian/bld.inf	(working copy)
@@ -30,6 +30,21 @@
+..\include\speex\speex_bits.h          \epoc32\include\speex\speex_bits.h
+..\include\speex\speex_callbacks.h     \epoc32\include\speex\speex_callbacks.h
+..\include\speex\speex_config_types.h  \epoc32\include\speex\speex_config_types.h
+..\include\speex\speex_echo.h          \epoc32\include\speex\speex_echo.h
+..\include\speex\speex.h               \epoc32\include\speex\speex.h
+..\include\speex\speex_header.h        \epoc32\include\speex\speex_header.h
+..\include\speex\speex_jitter.h        \epoc32\include\speex\speex_jitter.h
+..\include\speex\speex_noglobals.h     \epoc32\include\speex\speex_noglobals.h
+..\include\speex\speex_preprocess.h    \epoc32\include\speex\speex_preprocess.h
+..\include\speex\speex_stereo.h        \epoc32\include\speex\speex_stereo.h
+..\include\speex\speex_types.h         \epoc32\include\speex\speex_types.h
Index: symbian/speex.mmp
--- symbian/speex.mmp	(revision 11929)
+++ symbian/speex.mmp	(working copy)
@@ -36,10 +36,10 @@
 SOURCEPATH    ..\libspeex
 SOURCE        bits.c cb_search.c exc_5_64_table.c exc_5_256_table.c exc_8_128_table.c
-SOURCE        exc_10_16_table.c exc_10_32_table.c exc_20_32_table.c filters.c gain_table.c
+SOURCE        exc_10_16_table.c exc_10_32_table.c exc_20_32_table.c fftwrap.c filterbank.c filters.c gain_table.c
 SOURCE        gain_table_lbr.c hexc_10_32_table.c hexc_table.c high_lsp_tables.c jitter.c
 SOURCE        lbr_48k_tables.c lpc.c lsp.c lsp_tables_nb.c ltp.c math_approx.c mdf.c misc.c
 SOURCE        modes.c nb_celp.c preprocess.c quant_lsp.c sb_celp.c smallft.c
-SOURCE        speex.c speex_callbacks.c speex_header.c stereo.c vbr.c vq.c
+SOURCE        speex.c speex_callbacks.c speex_header.c stereo.c vbr.c vq.c window.c
 USERINCLUDE   . ..\include\speex
 SYSTEMINCLUDE \epoc32\include \epoc32\include\libc ..\include
Index: libspeex/filterbank.c
--- libspeex/filterbank.c	(revision 11929)
+++ libspeex/filterbank.c	(working copy)
@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@
    FilterBank *bank;
    float df, max_mel, mel_interval;
    int i;
+   int id1;
+   int id2;
    df = .5*sampling/len;
    max_mel = toBARK(max_freq);
    mel_interval = max_mel/(banks-1);
@@ -59,8 +61,6 @@
    bank->filter_left = speex_alloc(len*sizeof(float));
    bank->filter_right = speex_alloc(len*sizeof(float));
    bank->scaling = speex_alloc(banks*sizeof(float));
-   int id1;
-   int id2;
    for (i=0;i<len;i++)
Index: libspeex/fftwrap.c
--- libspeex/fftwrap.c	(revision 11929)
+++ libspeex/fftwrap.c	(working copy)
@@ -103,8 +103,9 @@
    if (in==out)
       int i;
+      float scale;
       speex_warning("FFT should not be done in-place");
-      float scale = 1./((struct drft_lookup *)table)->n;
+      scale = 1./((struct drft_lookup *)table)->n;
       for (i=0;i<((struct drft_lookup *)table)->n;i++)
          out[i] = scale*in[i];
    } else {

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