[Speex-dev] using speex in C#

Tom Grandgent tgrand at canvaslink.com
Thu Oct 12 23:22:04 PDT 2006

You could compile Speex as a DLL (see libspeex_dynamic.dsp) and use PInvoke.

Note that Speex will still be executing as unmanaged code and your program 
will have the added dependency of the native Speex DLL.

It appears that someone created a "Speex.NET" based on JSpeex, but I 
didn't find any useful info on it.  You may want to search for this if 
you require the Speex code to be managed code.

If you are ultimately successful using Speex in C#, please post to the list 
or email me...  I'd be interested to hear which approach you settled on.  

Good luck,


"Semrau, Szymon" <Szymon.Semrau at axa.pl> wrote:
> Hi there!
> Is there any possibility to use it in C#?
> Any help please...
> Regards
> Szymon

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