[Speex-dev] Symbian port

Ashhar Farhan farhan at phonestack.com
Thu Oct 12 14:07:54 PDT 2006


i work mostly on windows (visual studio) and symbian (just command line, 
hehe). hence, i am not very good at writing and patching makefiles and 
configure scripts.

this is what i am proposing to do:
1. the changes i will recommend in the actual speex sources are minial, 
just a couple of consts to be added where they have been forgotten.
2. i will leave out the heavier features from speex library for symbian 
(like the echo cancellor, preprocessor etc.). the ARM CPU is too weak to 
handle them in real time in anycase. and i will provide an MMP (the 
symbian's wierd equivalent of makefile) to compile the library properly.
3. I will also make available a binary library for OSv8.x so that other 
developers can use it straightway. I already do that with windows mobile 
libraries on my site www.phonestack.com.

- farhan

On Thu, 12 Oct 2006, Conrad Parker wrote:

> Hi Ashhar,
> could you please create a patch (in `diff -u` format) that fixes the
> build on symbian (preferably without breaking any other platforms ;-)
> and send it to the list?
> Even better, if you are actively maintaining code that uses speex on
> symbian, perhaps you could be given an svn account to check the changes
> in directly (if Jean-Marc is happy with that).
> Either way, it's best if you create a known-working patch, as
> transcribing from instructions is prone to error (and it may be that
> no-one else is set up to test the code on Symbian at the moment anyway).
> cheers,
> Conrad.
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 10:02:03PM +0000, Ashhar Farhan wrote:
>> A couple of things to be noted on the symbian port.
>> 1. the spokn.mmp file is missing window.c, please add that.
>> 2. smallft.c is not required. it has global data that prevents compilation
>> on symbian.
>> 3. lbr_48k_tabels.c has a global variable called dummy_epic_48k_variable
>> on line 37. this has to be commneted out too.
>> 4. check that all tables are declared const.
>> i will shortly post the symbian build file (speex.mmp) that will work with
>> 1.1.12.
>> - farhan
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