[Speex-dev] Decode win32 encoded files on TI C5x???

Peter Mlakar peter.mlakar at email.si
Wed Oct 4 04:49:07 PDT 2006

I have successfully DECODED speex on TI C5509:



#define     TESTENC_BYTES_PER_FRAME            20  /* 8kbps */

#define     TESTENC_QUALITY                     4 /* 8kbps */


I am trying to generate the files I need with speexenc.exe:


speexenc -n --quality 4 -V male.wav male.spx


But I can't decode the files on C5x.


Yes, I have seen that speexenc.exe adds Ogg header and have deleted the first 396 byte's of the file for test.


Where am I going wrong?

Can I generate with speexenc.exe raw speex files for the C5x?




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