[Speex-dev] How to get podcasters to adopt Speex?

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue Oct 3 00:58:39 PDT 2006

On windows, illi's excellent Ogg DirectShow filter will do
(http://www.illiminable.com/ogg/). On MacOS X, I think there's a QT
component that will do the trick, but I'm not sure where to get it. On
Linux, gstreamer, xine and other frameworks will handle Speex fine. On
Symbian mobile phone, you might have to use the command-line speexdec,
though ;-)


George Ou wrote:
> I would love to see podcasters adopt the Speex format to deliver clear
> speech audio at wideband or ultra-wideband formats.  However, podcasters
> want something that can easily play on Windows, Macs, and even Linux web
> browsers.  The Speex website has some nice audio demos, but it doesn't
> actually offer any HTML embedded samples using actual Speex format. 
> Would there be a way to do this with Speex and have a simple
> downloadable web plugin?
> George
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