[Speex-dev] how does the echo canceller deal with playback/capture delays?

julia rg juliarg at int.spb.ru
Wed Nov 22 05:42:58 PST 2006

hello jean-marc and everybody,

I keep getting no results when trying to use speex_echo_capture,
speex_echo_playback and speex_echo_cancel in a multi-threaded application, as
suggested in the manual. Though, the cancellation works properly when i use a
file with human voice for far-end input and the same file with echo added in
SoundForge for mic input. When i try to insert and remove silence between words
modellng delay variation (about 10 ms) in the mic input file, the echo canceller
doesn't make any significant change in the signal. The same happens with real
microphone input, looks like it's due to the delay variation which naturally
happens due to operating system processing and such. Is the echo canceller
taking it as echo path  variation and constantly trying to re-adapt? How can i
get this to work?


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