[Speex-dev] Re: 5. Re: how to build libspeex_armce.lib ? (patrick andrieux)

patrick andrieux patrick.andrieux at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 05:31:50 PST 2006

Hi Dave,

I tried defining ARM5E_ASM  and  ARM4_AS, and you are right, it doesn't
But I can't say if the problem come from the Microsoft compiler, because if
it doesn't know
ARM assembly optimizations, who can know ?
We may need to include/install something else to use ARM5E_ASM or ARM4_ASM,
or maybe this part of speex's code is not finished.

I tried to compare both libspeex_armce.lib and hand-built FIXED_POINT build
as well.
I encoded 30sec and it tooks around 6sec with libspeex_armce.lib (1.1.16)
and around 4sec with 1.2beta1.


>Thanks Patrick. I have done this too. However, it was my impression that
>the libspeex_armce.lib was cross-compiled in GCC. Building in VS2005
>doesn't allow you to take advantage of the ARM assembly optimizations,
>since the Microsoft compiler doesn't know how to do that (try defining
>ARM5E_ASM or ARM4_ASM and you will see what I mean). At least back in
> the 1.1.16 days this seemed to make a big difference for me: the time
>taken during a decent sized encode() call was much greater with a
>hand-built FIXED_POINT build than it was with libspeex_armce.lib, but
>perhaps I was doing something else wrong. I haven't had a chance to see
>if that's still the case with 1.2beta1.
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