[Speex-dev] Quick survey for Speex 1.2

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Mon Nov 13 15:29:41 PST 2006

Aron Rosenberg a écrit :
> It would be nice to merge the Run-Time SSE/Altivec patch that we have
> been maintaining.

As I've mentioned before, this is something that I'd really like to do,
but I want to make sure it doesn't make the code harder to maintain.
Your previous patch addressed a lot of my earlier issues with the patch,
but there are still a few things to do before I can merge it. My goal is
that most files will only have to #include the run-time SSE/Altivec
header to have that enabled. I don't mind too much if it makes that
header ugly as long as the ugliness doesn't spread the the
platform-independent part.


> Aron Rosenberg
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> Hi everyone,
> As you may have guess, Speex 1.2 is slowly approaching, though there's
> still a lot left to do so I can't say how long it'll take. I thought
> this was the right time to ask if there's anything missing or that can
> be improved to make 1.2 better. At this point, it can't be anything
> major, but there are still some changes that are possible, e.g:
> - Improving some component that doesn't behave very well.
> - Improving a confusing API.
> - Improving robustness of a component to a specific condition
> - Adding a minor feature
> ...
> So what's your favourite "I wish Speex could..." or "Speex sucks
> because..."? I won't promise I'll take everything into account, but I'll
> do my best -- if not for 1.2, then maybe for 1.4. Oh, and no I will not
> make Speex compatible with G.729 :-)
> 	Jean-Marc
> P.S. I finally got around to posting my trivial Speex client that shows
> how to use Speex with the echo canceller, preprocessor and jitter
> buffer. It's in svn at http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/speex/speexclient/
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