[Speex-dev] echo residue buffer size

Gregg Lewandowski grlewand at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 16:09:19 PST 2006

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> I suggest you have a look at the new API I introduced in svn (see
> testecho.c). It's easier to use, harder to screw up, and it means I can
> improve it in the future without breaking things.
> 	Jean-Marc

Thanks for your response.

Yes, I followed The World Institute for Mental Health recommendation. :)

But I think the problem might still present in the new API.

Specifically, speex_get_echo_residual function fills up (frame_size + 1) 
elements. It's entirely possible (and even likely) that I'm missing 
something but isn't it supposed to use frame_size elements?


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