[Speex-dev] PocketPC 2005

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Mon Nov 6 02:40:50 PST 2006

That's quite a strange problem. Considering that Speex doesn't have any
"init code" (stuff that executes when it's loaded), there's no way this
could be a bug in Speex. I see two likely possibilities (plus lots of
1) A bug in your code. Linking with Speex pushes your code to a
different place in memory and triggers the bug
2) A bug in Visual Studio. You can just download the source code from
microsoft.com and track the bug down ;-)


P.S. Actually, the only way it could be somewhat related to Speex is if
one of the symbols in Speex clashes with system functions, though I
think it's unlikely.

Aymeric Moizard a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm experiencing weird problems while testing speex (I want to
> test the echo canceller first) on PDA with WM5 version pocket PC 2005.
> Here is the strange scenario:
> 1-> App running without being linked with speex -> no problem
> 2-> App running while being linked with speex -> crash at always the same
>                                                  place.
> 3-> I remove the speex dependancies/clean all object -> crash at always
>                                                         the same place
> 4-> reboot VisualStudio Application
> 5-> recompile everything without linking to speex: no crash....
> I tried this several days: and retried those 5 steps several times. It's
> amazing but is really the way it is.
> I suspect a bug in Visual Studio, of course... As It seems some have
> already tried WM5, I wish to ask if they met such issue and solved it?
> Just in case...
> I also wish to test another application using speex to prove myself my
> application has a bug: if somebody has one, please send it.
> Sorry for bothering you with probably non-speex problems,
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