[Speex-dev] new assembler port

Benjamin Glass bglass at norway.atmel.com
Tue May 16 03:54:15 PDT 2006


I'm trying to use speex for implementing a VoIP demo application using 
on an embedded system. At the moment I'm not really able to do real time 
and thinking about making an assembler port for speex to the AVR32 
The AVR32 is a new hybrid MCU/DSP fixed point processor running at 
120Mhz in
my application.
Does anyone have experiences/info about the computational power 
requirements, e.g.
what quality/bitrate and complexity of encoding seem to be realistic as 
target operating
modes. I've run some tests with speexenc, encoding a 1minute 16bit PCM 
8khz speech
file, which took 3m53s to encode at 11kbps CBR/complexity 3.
For finding a starting point for the assembler port I did some analysis 
of the encoding with
valgrind-callgrind. Perhaps some of you have already done similar work 
and could share
a bit of their experience?
To loose some words about myself, I'm a student of information 
technologies/rf electronics
and generally interested in everything that has to do with embedded 
system running Linux,
though I'm normally doing more of the hardware design stuff ;-)

Benjamin Glass

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