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I do have a port of my directshow filters for theora, speex and vorbis  decoders for windows mobile 5, pocket pc's. It's not quite ready for public consumption, but it is working well enough for vorbis and speex. There's still some seeking issues, in the sense that, the desktop version uses seektables, and they don't build very quick on the phone... so i have two builds, one that allows seeking, but you have a few seconds wait at load time, and one without seeking, which has less upfront load time, but can't seek. That's something i still need to rectify. 

Vorbis and speex are using fixed point versions, so CPU is not a major issue, but they are still a little bit memory hungry... to use them in Windows Media Player you need ~12-16 MB free program memory to open wmp and play an audio file. Theora currently has some performance problems. You also have to open files from in WMP, there is no association to the file explorer yet, so you can't just touch the file in the file explorer, you have to load WMP and do open file from there.

This version has seeking

This version does not

** If anyone is going to test these. Do it at your own risk, if you have important info on your phone back it up. If something goes wrong, i probably won't have the time to help you fix it, or even know what is wrong. You might have to reinstall your OS image. These aren't ready for mass use yet, but if you like to live dangerously, have a go and let me know. If it kills your phone, i take no responsibility :) **

That said, i've been running them on my O2 Atom for a few weeks, and they seem to be working ok, and some other brave soul the other day installed them and they worked fine for them (they said their phone needed to be soft booted after the install, whereas mine doesn't seem to care). So far they have not killed my phone or lost any data... but who knows what can happen.

If you want to do some testing, it would be appreciated. Since i mainly test on my O2 atom, and only one other person has tested it on their phone, can't remember which it was, but it was one of the 200MHz lower mem ones. The configuration is *only* for Windows Mobile 5, Pocket PC 's, eg O2 Atom, and newer Axims & iPAQ's, and probably a few others. If you're not sure, i suggest you don't try it. If you have success or failure, let me know on the list or you can email me direct at ogg at illiminable.com .

The source is in;


That is actually the code for the desktop and mobile versions of all the directshow stuff and backend libraries, and will merge back onto the trunk shortly. The oggcodecs_wm5.sln is for building the libraries and directshow stuff for windows mobil. There's a fair bit of work to get a build environment setup, there's lots of sdk's you need from MS... it's kind of covered here... http://svn.xiph.org/branches/oggdsf_ce_port/README If you are a reasonably confident with windows and visual studio, it's pretty easy to get setup, if not, it's probably quite difficult.

If you are looking to use speex for a VOIP application, i'd suggest directshow is not the best way to do it, but if it's just playback you want, directshow is probably the easiest way. However, in the trunk version of libspeex http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/speex/ in the win32/vs2005 directory is a visual studio project which has build configurations for windows mobile 5 that i'm using for my directshow stuff. The project file is only for visual studio 2005 (plus, you need at least the professional edition, since the free express edition does not allow you to do embedded projects, and of course you'll need the windows mobile sdks, and to setup the correct paths in visual studio).

In general speex's code is pretty portable, and should be able to build on just about platform without needing any code modificaiton. So if you use some other tools, it shouldn't be too much of problem to build anyway.



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   I am Praveen , working in Yash Technologies , I would like to know your contact number as we want to know whether the speex codec is compatible with the Windows Mobile 5.0 or not . Also can we get the source code for the pocket pc version of the speex codec . Hope we get your contact number soon.


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