[Speex-dev] win32 demo

Charlie Hedlin charlie at hedlin.com
Mon Jun 26 10:00:47 PDT 2006

I was one of those people with the problem, and I used cygwin to compile
the demo code. It was a major change from using the echo canceller in
Visual Studio 2005, but it helped.
I wanted to see how it worked with my audio data as it was in the net
stream. I the mic in, and echo ref data to files at the point of using
them in the echo canceller. I ran them through the testecho using cygwin
to produce a third file and converted all the to .wav with sox. I then
used Audacity to view all three files. I found out the audio drivers I
was using were causing my echo to enter the mic strean 220ms after it
was seen as speaker ref data.

You may have a similar problem. I used a queue to delay the speaker data
for 210ms before passing it to the echo canceller and have had no
further problems.


Yong Chen wrote:

>  Is there any win32 echo canceller demo with source code,speex echo canceller is very good,but with real net stream,it seems not work, it seems many people has this problem.Thanks a lot.
>    Best regards
>            Yong Chen
>            admin at seeyoucn.com
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