[Speex-dev] seeking in time, feedback+question

Baris Bozkurt bbozkurt74 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 09:16:54 PDT 2006

Hi all,
Since this is my first e-mail to the list, let me
start with: Thanks for this wonderful project!!! very
useful indeed.

I was trying to compress some big files and then to
access to small portions and decode only those parts.
I use the streaming mode(the sample codes provided on
the web-site) without the Ogg packaging which seems
useful to me for seeking in time.
When I seek in time by just skipping packages, reset
speex_decoder_ctl(state, SPEEX_RESET_STATE, NULL);
and starting decoding, I see that the quality of
decoding varies depending on the initial frame
characteristics. It seems that the signal gets close
to the original quite fast when the first frames are
unvoiced. If I start decoding in the middle of a
voiced chunk then decoding quality is comperatively
much lower, more frames are needed until the signal
gets closer to the original. 

This was the feedback part. So the obvious question
do you know an easy way to get rid of this problem?

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