[Speex-dev] Speex Codec Question

Janus.Wang at QMITW.COM Janus.Wang at QMITW.COM
Sun Jun 4 17:31:26 PDT 2006

Hi Jean-Marc,
I got it and I have no more questions about the Speex now,
Thanks to you kindly answer this mail,

Best Regards
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> Q1, how much of MIPS we need to reserve the system computing power for
> Speex Codec needed?

It greatly depends on your chip. Some numbers I've had on the latest
version (svn) are about 30 MIPS on ADI Blackfin and about 40 MIPS for TI
C55x and C6x DSPs. That's at 15 kbps narrowband, complexity 1. Other
settings will change the complexity.

> Q2, do we need to use the voice DSP for Speex Codec needed?

Sorry, could you rephrase your question?


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