[Speex-dev] Speex Codec Question

Janus.Wang at QMITW.COM Janus.Wang at QMITW.COM
Fri Jun 2 03:40:08 PDT 2006


I am Janus of QMI’s PLM,

We would like to implement the Speex Codec in our embedded system for VoIP Product application,

Therefore, I have few question and listed it below,

Q1, how much of MIPS we need to reserve the system computing power for Speex Codec needed?

Q2, do we need to use the voice DSP for Speex Codec needed?


Sorry to bother your job


Best Regards


Janus ( Freedom )

System Engineering / PLM

Quanta Microsystems, Inc.

TEL : +886 (3) 571-5996 # 5217

Mobile : +886 0953-499071

Mail : janus.wang at qmitw.com

MSN : freedom_janus at hotmail.com <mailto:freedom_janus at hotmail.com> 

SKYPE : freedom_janus



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