[Speex-dev] app_conference(Asterisk) with Speex

Steve Kann stevek at stevek.com
Tue Jan 31 07:43:24 PST 2006

jonathan blais wrote:

> I'm using Linphone. I tested with Asterisk and Speex only, I created a 
> channel with echo and it worked. It seems to have problem when using 
> app_conference.

If you just use app_echo, then asterisk won't be trying to decode your 
frames; it will just be sending them back to you.  Therefore, if your 
client is using an incompatible packing of the frames, it won't matter, 
as long as your client can also understand it.

In order to determine if your client is using a compatible packing, 
you'll need to have asterisk do something which requires asterisk to 
decode the frames:  Like bridge the call to a channel using another 
codec, or record the call to a non-speex format (i.e. write to a PCM WAV 
file), etc.


> Jonathan
> 2006/1/31, Steve Kann <stevek at stevek.com <mailto:stevek at stevek.com>>:
>     jonathan blais wrote:
>     > Hi,
>     >
>     > Does anyone ever used Speex with app_conference in Asterisk ? I'm
>     > having a hard time to figure why I always get this error "warning:
>     > Invalid mode encountered: corrupted stream?".
>     Yes, we do this all the time.  Where are your speex frames coming
>     from?
>     There's some SIP phones out there which seem to use an incompatible
>     speex encoding, I seem to recall.
>     -SteveK

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