[Speex-dev] Re: sigsegv in _mm_load_ups (linux/gcc 3.x)

Tom Harper tharper at sightspeed.com
Fri Jan 6 17:13:35 PST 2006


At 03:18 AM 1/6/2006, Thorvald Natvig wrote:
>I just checked it in the debugger, and this was with gcc 3.4.4 (mingw)... 
>And the addresses were not properly aligned :( From a bit of googling, 
>this seems to be a thread problem, as the gcc just maintains 16-byte 
>alignment of the stack -- if the start function of the thread had 
>misaligned stack,  the misalignment will be kept throughout the execution.

Thanks!  This is exactly the issue- that, and the fact that gcc seems to be
issuing a movaps call that copies into unaligned memory right after loading
the xmm register.  No matter how we put the code together it always issues
the movaps (probably because it needs more than 8 registers)- I am sure this
code  would work fine on a machine with 16 xmm registers.  For now we will
just use the c code for the unaligned _10 call.  Probably this could be fixed
also by hand coding this particular chunk of assembler.


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