[Speex-dev] Please test upcoming release

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Thu Aug 24 02:52:56 PDT 2006

> The trouble is that one cannot identify the type difference without
> reading the nb_celp.c source file, and this parameter is treated
> differently than other, similar parameters.  It would seem like the most
> intuitive approach would be to match the interface to the structure.

There are two issues here: 1) what type should be used in the API and 2)
whether it should match the internal representation. Regarding 1), the
question is whether we should have a mix of int and spx_int32_t. I tend
to think it's less confusing to change all the int into spx_int32_t.
What do you think? Regarding 2), I see no reason to change the
implementation as long as it works and the API is OK.

> This is a trivial point, of course.  I have attached a patch to the two
> TI interface files, which adds the configuration for the filter, sized
> as spx_int32_t.  I also included the modified files (I know that you
> have had some trouble with patches that I have sent before).

Thanks, I'll apply these.


> - Jim
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>> Hi Jim,
>> Actually, I don't see anything wrong with the internal structure having
>> a different type than the interface, as long both types are big enough
>> to hold the possible values (in this case 0 and 1). Though, as you
>> pointed out, testenc needs to be fixed to use spx_int32_t instead of
>> int. I'll change that.
>> Jean-Marc
>> Jim Crichton a écrit :
>>> st->highpass_enabled is typed inconsistently.  It is "int" in the
>>> structure, but "spx_int32_t" in the SET, GET cases in
>>> nb(sb)_encoder(decoder)_ctl.  The parameter is "int" in testenc.c, and
>>> in the TI version ti\testenc-TI-C5x.c. This breaks for 16 bit platforms,
>>> where "int" is 16 bits.
>>> The types in the state structure and the _ctl routines really should
>>> match. For now, I have changed testenc-TI-C5x.c to pass a 32-bit
>>> parameter, which works with no change elsewhere.  I can send a patch for
>>> this.
>>> Another inconsistency is that GET_COMPLEXITY returns a spx_int32_t, but
>>> the field st->complexity is an int.
>>> - Jim
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