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Sunil dualmax88 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 21 06:35:36 PDT 2006

Thanks Luca. Turns out I was not as thorough in my search as I thought I was. The latest sources (at least from the svn repository) do in fact have a FIXED_POINT mode for ARM processors on Windows Mobile 5.0. Using this turned out to be a godsend. I can now encode and decode 22kHz mono at complexity and quality <= 3 in pretty much real time (there seems to be a 2 second lag in encode, but that's not troublesome), which suits me just fine.

Thanks again!

Luca De Cicco <ldecicco at gmail.com> wrote: Hi there, 
   i'm not into speex internals but i feel that your problems are due to the fact
 that speex doesn't do yet fixed point operations and it seems that you lack
 FPU on your PDA. So i would expect a big boost in performances when the fixed
 point version of Speex will be out.

 On 8/20/06, Sunil <dualmax88 at yahoo.com> wrote:  Hi,

Sorry to be posting about a subject that may have already been answered. If so, please point me in the right direction.

I'm developing a dictation application on the Dell Axim (Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC). A key requirement of the application is the best possible sampling rate as the audio goes into a speech reco system. So, I've set up my wrapper around libspeex to capture audio (1 channel, 22050Hz, 16 bits/sample) in blocks of the frame size. However, the encoder lags significantly - typically upwards of 2000 frames, at complexity <= 1 and quality <= 3. I've a 

On the decode side, the decoder is not able to do real time at these sampling rates (16kHz, 22kHz and 32kHz). The only sampling rate that seems to work at real time is 8kHz for decode. However, encode at 8kHz is still nowhere near real time. 

Is there anything I can do to get to the higher sampling rates and real time? Or is this just not possible?

FWIW, the basic app uses MFC and the encode and decode are done in separate threads.


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