[Speex-dev] Speex and fpu-less processors

Kobus Wolvaardt kobus at kreon.co.za
Mon Aug 14 08:37:35 PDT 2006


I'm new te speex so feel free to point me to the website/other resources, 
chanses are I missed something (I have read/scanned most of the docs but I 
want some specifics). 

I want some info on the newest stable branch and how much processing power you 
need to encode in real time (narrow band, I dont care about the bit rate and 
need average quality). I want to work with a Compulab PXA270 strongarm based 
sbc (processor without a fpu), it runs at 320 Mhz. Will this have enough fpu 
kick? I only use it in half duplex (encode or decode not both at the same 

Where can I find good detailed info? Are the online docs the best? Or are 
there better sources?

When will next unstable branch stablize? (ball park estimate is ok)

Kobus Wolvaardt
Kreon Technology

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