[Speex-dev] discontinous transmision causes discontinous sound

Jesús Morión soportetecnico at galenuspro.com
Wed Apr 19 02:33:12 PDT 2006

Hi, im working on a voIP application. In order to reduce the traffic, 
decided not to send "silence" blocks.

Firstly i used an algorithm based on the volume to determine what is 
silence, and now im using the return value of the preprocessor to 
determine that.

In both cases, after any not sent block, the next block of sound i send 
starts ok, then makes a little "pause" and then continues perfectly.

I think it is due to a loss context in the decoder (because in the 
encoder i process every frame).

I have tried to reset the decoder, decode with NULL bits or recreate the 
decoder, before decode the "sound" block, and no one of these solutions 
solved the problem or minimized it.

have any body experimented the same?

thank you.

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