[Speex-dev] Major internal changes, TI DSP build change

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Wed Apr 19 06:11:55 PDT 2006

> You found it.  The SHL32 (not SHR32) line fixes the problem.  It must be 
> doing a 16-bit shift, then extending the result (which is reasonable).  As 
> it happens, that it the same macro which gave us trouble last May 
> (25th/26th), when the C55 build was more subtlely broken.

Yes, that's what I finally remembered. I think I've fixed all
occurrences (by adding EXTEND32) in svn. Could you check if that's the

> I will test the C54 build and send a patch tomorrow with updates to the .pjt 
> files (adding window.c) and bits.c, as I described earlier.

Good, thanks.


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