Fw: [Speex-dev] Results of Automated Batch Tests

Nic Roets speex at rational.co.za
Thu Sep 22 01:41:23 PDT 2005

 The results are at www.rational.co.za/speex.csv

 Each of the 11 quality settings is tested 3 times (narrow, wide and ultra
 wide band). Strangely narrow band quality 11 outperforms all wide band
 tests, but it can be due to my subsampling or some other inaudible effect
 like delaying.

 You can import it into Excel and sort it by SNR or other value. Divide the
 bits by 24 to get the bps.

 The patch is at www.rational.co.za/speexBatchTest.patch
 The complete source is at www.rational.co.za/speex-1.1.10a.tar.gz on a slow

 ----- Original Message ----- Tom Grandgent
> Hmm, why not just make the URL of the reference sample available in the

 OK. If you run the program and the file was not downloaded, it tells you
 where to get it.

> Ah, so you need a high resolution timer.  IMO, it's better to use
> timeGetTime() on Windows, which is very simple to use and offers reliable

 I've added #ifdefs that you can fill in.

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