[Speex-dev] Automated Batch Tests

Nic Roets speex at rational.co.za
Wed Sep 21 10:49:31 PDT 2005

I'm working on a patch that will batch test most of the code in libspeex. Here's the process (Feel free to suggest changes) :
1. Download the representative sample with wget, if it does not exist. Currently it's www.rational.co.za/speexTest16.wav It contains a male voice, a female voice, background noise and music.
2. Run the various testenc programs.
3. Generate a short report with SNR and speed results.
4. If SNR is lower than say 10, indicate failure.

It will probably only run under linux (and perhaps cygwin), but such is life.

This process can then be used to make answer many questions :
Is the noise introduced by moving to fixed point is significant ?
Is the 'double's slower than 'floats' ?
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