[Speex-dev] speex-problem

David Resnick abunetta at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 01:48:15 PDT 2005

You can prepare a raw file from a regular Windows WAV file using the SOX
utility (http://sox.sourceforge.net/).

The following batch file script encodes all WAV files in the current
directory to SPX (at a sample rate of 16000). You need to have both sox.exe
and speexenc.exe in your path.

for %%i in (*.wav) do sox %%i -r 16000 %%~ni.raw
for %%i in (*.raw) do speexenc -w --vbr --8bit --rate 16000 %%i %%~ni.spx


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> Witam!
>   I have a question about speex. how to prepare wave file to use with
>   sample code that is on your site:
>   http://www.speex.org/manual2/node12.html  .
>   If u can please answer me soon.
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