[Speex-dev] mdf no sound issue

Tom Harper tharper at sightspeed.com
Fri Nov 18 17:05:21 PST 2005

Jean Marc,

Ok so I tested with the new code, same result- frame size=
160, filter length=160 ms/1280 samples, 8000 Hz

diverged after 9564 calls/packets or 191 seconds.  My system
stays relatively in synch but is not perfect- difficult to measure
if there is any clock drift, but it probably is.

In order to make it break faster I use an open air usb microphone
that is part of a logitech notebook camera, and then plug headphones
into the speaker jack (sensitive mic can pick this up).

I am not saying this is a *fair* test... :)  It takes longer to
cause this bug if everything is open air.


At 01:55 AM 11/18/2005, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
>Did a bit of tuning in SVN. Could you try that? What frame size, filter
>length, sampling rate are you using?
>All the process you describe is actually the tip of the iceberg I think.
>There is something making the adaptation diverge, which causes Eh and Yh
>to be large and so on. The part I changed is probably the one causing
>divergence. If it doesn't work, reducing the coefficients even more


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