[Speex-dev] mdf no sound issue

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Fri Nov 18 01:55:03 PST 2005

Did a bit of tuning in SVN. Could you try that? What frame size, filter
length, sampling rate are you using? 

All the process you describe is actually the tip of the iceberg I think.
There is something making the adaptation diverge, which causes Eh and Yh
to be large and so on. The part I changed is probably the one causing
divergence. If it doesn't work, reducing the coefficients even more


Le mercredi 16 novembre 2005 à 10:25 -0800, Tom Harper a écrit :
> Jean Marc & list,
> Following up on this- there seems to be an issue with this calculation
> in mdf.c (Smooth echo energy estimate over time)
>          Pey += Eh*Yh;
>          Pyy += Yh*Yh;
> it goes too large for floating point, which seems to be caused by
> extremely
> large values in st->Rf[j], st->Yf[j] and smaller values in st->Eh[j],
> st->Yh[j]-
> things were relatively quiet environmentally speaking.
> Anyhow, leak_estimate would then go to undefined, which would mess up
> r, which would mess up power_1[], which would then mess up some 
> things in weighted_spectral_mul_conj, etc.
> There may be other issues but this is the one that makes the
> most sense as to causing the silence issue- for now, I just put a 
> finite check on leak_estimate and that seems to prevent the symptom,
> but doesn't fix it.
> Maybe in this case Eh and Yh just need to be re-calculated/re-set?
> Tom 
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