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Chris Reams chris1234-7 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 15 14:10:54 PST 2005

I am a Java developer.  I represent a small company writing a audio 
archiving application in Java using SPEEX files on Windows 2000/XP.  We 
have been using the software found at the main SPEEX site and looking 
for API's we can use there. We are looking for a Java based SPEEX API 
that allows us the following playback functionality:

- Open the SPEEX file from local file system or via a http request.
- Play / Pause / Stop
- Seek feature (for slider functionality): seek to a specified position 
(second) in the file
- Volume control

Currently we're using the following API bases on jGUI:
And this works well for all but 'seek' which it lacks in it's API for 
both VORBIS and SPEEX files.
Part of our audio player must have a slider that allows users to seek to 
various places in the file.  I can't find any SPEEX players with 
available API's that I can download and integrate into a Java project.  
As an aside: if you know of any ActiveX development which does what I 
mentioned above, that may help also.  We would be willing to help write 
this functionality or make a donation to enable this functionality 
ASAP.  This would greatly help us.

Please contact me at:
chris1234-7 at earthlink.net
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