[Speex-dev] Cross-compiling with Cirrus Logic MaverickCrunch support

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Thu May 12 23:55:07 PDT 2005

Hi Segher,

I successfully built the libraries but I still can't build
the encoder/decoder applications because ogg was not cross-built
with Crunch support yet.
For more details please see this thread:


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>>I have the following problem when cross-building speex 1.1.7 with
>>MaverickCrunch support. To add this support I had to define CPPFLAGS as 
>>export CPPFLAGS='-mcpu=ep9312 -mfix-crunch-d1'
>You should set CFLAGS instead (or as well).
>>but it seems libtool does not like it, while the object files are
>>compiled fine:
>It's ld that complains, actually.  Not _everything_ is libtool's fault
>(and this is pilot error anyway) ;-)

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