[Speex-dev] Problem configuring speex 1.1.8

Pierre pierre42d at 9online.fr
Wed May 11 13:30:33 PDT 2005

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> OK, first thing I see is the configure options:
> ./configure --enable-valgrind --enable-sse --enable-fixed-point
> --enable-epic-48k --enable-ti-c55x
> One question: "what do you think you're trying to do here?". Four of these five
> options are more or less mutually exclusive! SSE is floating poing and x86
> specific, nothing to do with fixed-point and if you're on an x86, you don't
> have a TI DSP. If a plain configure still fails, let me know, but with these
> options, you're not going to get anything useful.

Ok sorry I was a bit tired when I did that.
But couldn't this be detected to write a more comprehensive message than 
"cannot compute sizeof (short), 77" ?

Best regards,


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