[Speex-dev] OS X Speex Software

Patrick Krol patrick9 at net-link.net
Thu Mar 17 14:19:39 PST 2005

On Mar 16, 2005, at 11:41 PM, Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

>> Is there any native software for OS X to convert an audio file to
>> speex? Even a command line would be great. I looked for hours and
>> couldn't find a program. I tried VLC but it just outputs screeching
>> noises.
> The standard Speex distribution includes the speexenc utility, isn't
> that what you're looking for?
> 	Jean-Marc
> -- 
> Jean-Marc Valin <Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca>
> Université de Sherbrooke

Yes if I could get my hands on the speexenc utility that would be 
great! But I don't see a binary download for 1.1.7 (actually any 
version)  and I don't have a clue how to compile from source.


Patrick Krol
patrick9 at net-link.net

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