[Speex-dev] Deallocation bug in speex

Dario Andrade dario at ip.tv
Wed Jun 22 19:52:50 PDT 2005

> So 9316 works and 9320 doesn't? How about latest SVN. I just ran
> everything in valgrind and saw no error at all. Can you give more info
> on how to reproduce (with speexenc)?
> 	Jean-Marc

I went to check my code and it turned out to be a fault in the
speex_encoder_destroy being used to destroy a decoder state.
It seems that the new revision thriggered this error.

Thanks anyway, and sorry for inconvenience.

BTW, I have some trouble using the speex AEC.
After I've produced some test samples and they were being tested in two
different acoustic echo cancellers, it seems that the speex aec isn't doing
a lot.
As I read in the mailing list, some people are being successful using it, so
I have some questions:

1) What does the ref and echo mean in your function call? "Echo" for me
would be the nearend (microfone + echo) and "Ref" should be the farend
(nearend speaker).

But if I use them like that, nothing happens!

2) What's the filter length I should be using anyway?

3) I guess the output parameter is the mic ("echo" signal) without the "ref"
(farend speaker) influence, right?

4) Does the Y output have some use?

Anyway, hope I could be using speex's AEC.

Thanks for any help,

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