[Speex-dev] Speex hardware support?

Mike Feeney graue at oceanbase.org
Tue Jun 14 13:45:56 PDT 2005


This is really a user question, but I couldn't find the speex-user list
(i.e., there wasn't one) so I hope posting it here will be okay.

So, one day I was browsing around the Ogg site, already a fan of Vorbis
and FLAC, and I came across Speex. Hey, this looks cool, I said. So I
played around with it by encoding various voice recordings, and was
quite pleased with the results. But they were just tests. Too bad I
don't have much of a real use for this format, I thought to myself.

Meanwhile, I have a small voice recorder device I got as a birthday
present one year (2004). It's nifty for recording lots of stuff at once,
although the quality kind of sucks. I bring it home at the end of the
day, load up Windows 98 and a proprietary program, and convert the
small, crappy files I get off the device into huge WAVs, which I then
convert to huge FLACs. Now these days I'm thinking I'd like to start
using a free OS like GNU/Linux, and what a pity it will be that I can't
use this voice recorder anymore.

It was inevitable that I would eventually put two and two together: Hey,
why can't something like this device use Speex?

So my questions are:

Do little pocket recorders exist that support Speex? (I'm assuming not
because they would probably be mentioned on the website if they did, but
it can't hurt to ask.)

If not, would making such devices be practical?

If so, who should I write to and say that I want Speex support, or what
else needs to be done?

Thanks and nice work,

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