[Speex-dev] Speex FLOP requirements

Dave Bardsley dbardsley at pantel.ns.ca
Wed Jun 8 13:14:41 PDT 2005


I'm an embedded systems designer and am in the process of selecting a
platform to run a Linux-Speex VoIP application.  Being concerned with size
power consumption I must choose a processor with a minimal amount of
computational power.  To that end I've narrowed my search to number of
different products that reference the popular "SiSoft Sandra(TM)" wetstone
bench-mark test for floating point performance.

Given that hardware manufacturers shamelessly choose the most favorable
test conditions to maximize their product's apparent performance, for
operands may be stored and fetched solely from cache, do the Speex FLOP
requirements given in the table four of the manual correlate well to a
stated hardware manufacturer's FLOP performance?  By comparison, would you
share the wet/drystone performance figures for any of the test and
systems used during Speex development and test?



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