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Jim Crichton jim.crichton at comcast.net
Wed Jul 27 07:12:36 PDT 2005

Hi Alexy,

I got Speex running on the C5509A simulator back in May, but I am still at 1.1.8.  There was a code problem in 1.1.8, which should be fixed now.  Look at the mailing list archive for May 2005 to see this discussion (thread starts on 24-May "Speex on TI C6x, Problem with TI C5x Patch").  I am planning to put together a README file for bringing up Speex on Code Composer, but I have not found time to do that yet.

I did have a hangup in the encoder, but that should be fixed, and it was not in _spx_autocorr.  I will try to test 1.1.10 in the next day or two, and I will post the results and some build instructions.

Your basic approach with Code Composer is fine.  I did not use the Configure script.  How are you calling Speex?  For my simulator test, I modified the testenc.c file and used that.


Jim Crichton
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  Hi !

  Can anybody point me how to compile speex for subj ? May be I'm doing something stupid.. I just took all files from /libspeex and added them to my project in Code Composer 2.1. Then I set global definitions CONFIG_TI_C55X, FIXED_POINT, DISABLE_WIDEBAND, RELEASE for entire project and edit arch.h and create speex_config_types.h. Then tried to compile it and run. Code seems to be hang in function _spx_autocorr (). What I did wrong ? (I used speex 1.1.10). Should I compile code under cygwin and just link library to Code Composer ? Is it possible ? Please help me..

  P.S. I did not use .configure script. May be I should ?


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