[Speex-dev] Build under XP with mingw

Elio Blanca elioblanca at yahoo.it
Wed Jul 20 08:07:23 PDT 2005

Hello, ev'ryone,
i'm Elio and i don't know how to contact John Francis Edwards, author of 
the wave_out.[ch] modules for speex, so i write here.
I tried to build speex under my winXPsp2 environment using MSYS-1.0.10 
and MinGW-3.4.2 with bad results. Well, not so bad, the build completes 
successfully and speexenc works fine, encoding well-sounding voices; the 
problem comes with speexdec which always crashes when trying to use the 
sound card.
I've worked a bit around it and it crashes always in module wave_out.c.
In details, the cause seems to be the use of waveOutOpen function, at 
line 128:
    switch ( waveOutOpen ( &dev, deviceID, &outFormat, 
(DWORD)wave_callback, 0, CALLBACK_FUNCTION ) )
All the parameters seem to have their right values to perform a 
successfully call.
All but the forth: ... (DWORD)wave_callback, ... which seems not to work 
on my system. If i replace this parameter with a 0 (zero) this call goes 
ok, the sound starts but (as expected) it stops within a few 
millisecond. (something else is not working anymore).
Maybe was the source written to work with MSVC only? i hope no...
Well, thank you all

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