[Speex-dev] Problems to compile speex 1.1.10 on windows

Wolfgang Frotten wolfgang at hauertmann.com
Mon Jul 18 10:55:08 PDT 2005

I am a delphi coder and i have successfully compiled version 1.0.5 to use the
resulting dll in John Villars Delphi-Example with Bloodsheds dev-c++. With the
stable version 1.0.5 it works fine but on my slow computer with 900Mz I have a
lot of buffer overflows. Therefore I should like to create a dll with version
1.1.10 because it should be faster but i run into a lot of problems. I am not
experienced with c++ and I use dev-c++ for compiling. 

The main errors relate to type conversions e.g. you cannot convert void* to
float* without a cast. It may be that the code was originally compiled with a
plain C compiler instead of C++, in which case it would have probably worked,
depending on the compiler's tolerance to other casts like "short int" from
"float".  I have added casts wherever a non-cast conversion is attempted and
then compilation was successfully but linker reclaims a lot of undefined
references e.g.
"C:/Programme/Dev-Cpp/Examples/hr/speex-1.1.10/libspeex/modes.c:722: undefined
reference to `gain_cdbk_nb'"

My question is, what could be a good free(!) C-Compiler under windows for Speex
1.1.10 or better (that would be nice) what should i do to compile the sources
with dev-c++ successfully? Has someone collect experiences with compiling
version 1.1.10 under windows with a free C-Compiler?

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