[Speex-dev] speex and Real Player

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Tue Jul 5 17:23:23 PDT 2005

Microchip has not released the source for their port (and they're
charging licensing fees AFAIK), so I have no way and interest in
supporting it. So I guess you're on your own.


Le mardi 05 juillet 2005 à 10:49 -0400, EAGLE241 at aol.com a écrit :
> I am new to Speex. I plan to try to use a Speex lib package developed
> for the Microchip dspic30F6014 dsp microcontroller and output
> the voice audio stream on tcp/ip.
> Question:
> Has anyone used the bit stream output from the above and decoded it
> with real player helix server software? Is there a better server
> software to attempt?
> thanks in adance
> dan gropper
> eagle241 at aol.com
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