[Speex-dev] Announcing iGlance, Seeking Alpha Users

David Barrett dbarrett at quinthar.com
Sat Jul 2 15:43:18 PDT 2005

Today marks the one-year anniversary of iGlance, my P2P voice, video,
and realtime-collaboration application.  In honor of the event, I'm
opening my doors to a select group of alpha-users who will:

- Help test the boring stuff
- Help refine and design the good stuff
- Help decide what iGlance is all about

As you know, this is a crowded space.  There are probably a hundred
VoIP, streaming-content, file-sharing, and collaboration applications
you know about -- and another thousand you don't.  You might (and
should) be thinking "P2P voice and video, *yawn* how terribly original."
  It's very easy to get lulled into a sense that every road has been
tried, every off-ramp explored.

But if you're willing to set aside your well-deserved skepticism for a
moment, I'm eager to show you a new road that I've been trying.  It's
still a bit bumpy, and it's not quite clear where it'll lead.  But it's
an interesting ride that I promise you've never taken before.

Specifically, I'm looking for users who:

- Run Windows XP or 2k
- Will install iGlance and roll with the punches for at least two weeks
- Are enthusiastic about exploring a new communications space
- Can influence 1-2 of your peers to participate under these conditions

Ideally you would also have the following characteristics:

- You work in a "virtual organization" that has no physical office
- Alternatively, you work closely in a team environment and would like
to telecommute, but feel "out of the loop" and find your productivity
drops significantly when you do
- Alternatively, you work with an outsourced team and you feel
disconnected from daily happenings on the other side of the world
- Alternatively, you have a very close social group and stay in constant
contact using IRC, IM, VoIP, or videoconferencing
- You have used existing VoIP applications and have a wish-list of
- You have or will get a microphone and webcam

If you're interested and generally meet the above qualifications, please
reply to this email and describe why you want to participate.  I'd love
to take everyone who replies, but as a small startup I want to focus my
total energy on supporting a very small userbase to the best of my
ability before branching out.  Yet even if I can't take you right now,
don't fret -- I'll be incrementally building my userbase and I'll be
sure to draw first from those who express the earliest and greatest

Thanks for all your help on this list over the past months, and I'm
eager to share with you what I've been working on.


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