[Speex-dev] BUMP: "Click" at end of SPX files?

Anders S. Johansen (SecondGuess ApS) mail at secondguess.dk
Mon Jan 10 23:17:38 PST 2005


I need to re-state my question, as I never found a solution to my 
problem (described below in original text).

One suggestion was to use the encoder from the newer, unstable, 1.1.6 
release, but I need to know if I can use decoder code I grabbed from the 
speexdec enclosed in v. 1.0.4, and if not, what I should do then. 
Obviously I'd like to avoid breaking my build, by introducing new code 
into my project at a late state...

It is kinda urgent - this is code for a commercial product, which /was/ 
on the verge of release, when this problem was discovered. I do not have 
the expertise to solve it myself. I /am/ willing to pay for a solution, 
if need be.

   Anders S. Johansen, SecondGuess ApS

Original post follows:
"I am experiencing some unfortunate problems when encoding WAV files to 
spx using version 1.0.4. A "click" which is not present in the original 
WAV file is added to the end of the spx file.

Is this a known problem, and if so, which version of the encoder should 
I switch to... and if I have to switch the encoder, will I also have to 
switch the version of the decoder?"

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