[Speex-dev] Programming questions

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Mon Jan 17 01:01:32 PST 2005

>       0) Is it possible to manipulate voice data representing more than
>          the frame size of encoder (this seems possible in Speex Java code
>          used until now).

Speex itself manipulates audio one frame at the time, but what you do
after that if up to you.

>       1) How can I specify to the encoder that I use 16 bits stereo data ?
>          The ctl function allows only to set the sampling rate. I have
>          found nowhere some details. In speexenc.c I have seen the use
>          of some related to stereo functions but without understanding
>          well how to use them.

speex_encode is for float and speex_encode_int is for 16-bit short

>       2) What is exactly the frame size ? It is an integer representing
>          a number of sample or a number of bytes or even a number of
>          shorts (in sampleenc.c this seems to be a number of shorts)

Always the number of samples. Speex doesn't care what the original
encoding was.

>       3) How (if this is possible) to decode a certain amount (known) of
>          coded data if these coded data represent more than the frame size
>          of encoder. This situation arise when the coded data for a
>          duration greater than the frame size of decoder are used. Should
>          I call some integer number of times the decoding procedure (like
>          it is done in the java code of Speex).

Same as encoding. Decoding decodes one frame, but you may call it as
many times as you like.

>       4) What is the difference "SPEEX_GET_FRAME_SIZE" and
>          "SPEEX_MODE_FRAME_SIZE" operations. This should not be identical
>          since these operations are provided by two different functions
>          but I don't see any explanation of a difference in the
>          documentation.

Easy. You don't have to create an encoder/decoder state in order to use


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