[Speex-dev] Missing files for Delphi

John Villar john.villar at florhard.com
Tue Jan 11 08:45:36 PST 2005

Hi everyone, i'm John Villar,  the developer of the aforementioned 
"Speex.dll" and "Speex.pas" files. I'm in the process of finding those 
two files, however, as far as i remember, everyone with the C++ Builder 
that came with Delphi 5 (That was the one i had those days) can compile 
the speex distribution with it, just a few minor tweaks and you're ready 
to set. Regarding the .PAS file, i'm really trying to find it, however, 
that file was for a really old Speex version and i doubt it would 
work..... I'm running on linux right now, and i managed to get delphi 5 
running on it, however, i will need to test the files with you, my 
fellow programmers.

John Villar
Gerente de Proyectos
Computadores Flor Hard Soft 2058 C.A.

alistair_george at msn.com wrote:

>Hello speex-dev,
>Like several others who develop in Delphi I have searched for the speex.dll or
>speex.pas file to no avail. Its a pity that this compilation is not available as many
>developers use Delphi, and this codec does seem to be an excellent free alternative.
>Do you know if anyone has been able to contact John Villar the author of the
>delphi example?
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