[Speex-dev] different output for opt/non-opt on win32 platform

tunkeat tunkeat at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 07:44:41 PST 2005


> > how big is this "Speex's memory"?
> No problem, as long as you decode the stream in order.
> > I am thinking perhaps naively: at
> > the encoder side, is it possible to get the states for the decoder
> > from the encoder's memory without doing the actual decoding?
> In theory, you could, but I don't see what you'd gain there.

i was wondering whether speex frames could be made "independent",
as in if some packets are lost, there is no need for re-transmission of
these frames (for VoIP app, i see concealment is provided in speex) to decode 
future frames . from the draft RFC for speex, I don't see space
reserved for state info.

if Speex's decoder's state memory is small enough, it could be sent 
from encoder to the decoder.  at the decoder, when each frame is
received, the decoder's state could be initialised and decoding could
be performed using the
transmitted state.  possible? or is it already enforced? or there are other
mechanisms in place to deal with the lost packet problem?


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