[Speex-dev] computing speex packets duration

Ronaldo Madrid Ronaldo.Madrid at asia.bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 5 00:36:34 PST 2005

hi all,

im sending my speex packets from one PC to another across the Internet via TCP. rigth now, i am working on a buffering solution to ensure the continuity of voice playback on the recieving end. to solve this, i need to determine the size (in milliseconds) of the incoming packets. how do i compute this? 

my speex settings are as follows:
- narrow-band mode
- quality level 4
- 10 speex frames/per packet
- 8Khz source PCM

say for example that T is the time it takes in milliseconds for each packet to reach its destination, and for the purpose of this discussion let T be fixed for each transmission. now, the speex packets coming in will all be buffered, and playback should only be triggered after the amount of voice data (in milliseconds) exceeds T, there after playing each packet on a FIFO basis.

the settings above generates 20 bytes of encoded data per frame, so that i have a whole packet of 200 bytes. 



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