Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Sun Feb 27 20:22:46 PST 2005

> I like the symmetry of having both GET and SET. If you ask a library
> to set an internal value, it's nice to be able to retrieve that from the
> library later, and know that you're getting the actual current value.

The idea was to have complete symmetry (which is why I added
GET_QUALITY), but there are cases where it's impossible, e.g.
SET_FRAME_SIZE can't work. 

> It's also nice to be able to GET the current value, before you've set
> anything -- eg. to render a slider when setting up an encode.

I agree that it's useful, however I'm concerned about people being
misled as to what it does exactly in some cases (e.g. VBR).

> Anyway, how is it that the call "doesn't make sense" for VBR? if there's
> no defined value in some cases, perhaps simply returning an UNDEFINED
> error would be useful?

First thing with VBR is that (of course) the bit-rate changes
constantly. Also, in wideband mode, the bit-rate for the low band and
the high band can be set independently (manually or when using VBR), so
it's possible to have a bit-rate that cannot even be represented with


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