[Speex-dev] reducing the stack size

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Tue Feb 15 10:27:49 PST 2005


It's probably possible to reduce the stack size if you know what you're
doing. For example the current size is set so that any complexity level
will work. I also add a little to that just to be on the safe side if I
add something. The tool I would recommend if you really want to tune the
size for a particular application is valgrind. It will tell you even if
you overflow by one byte. Electric fence might work too.

I have to admit that this statically allocated stack isn't the cleanest
thing to do, but I found nothing better. I'm open to suggestions on
making it cleaner, though.


Le mardi 15 février 2005 à 19:25 +0800, tunkeat a écrit :
> hi all,
> the stacksize required for encoder and decoder
> are 32Kbytes and 16 Kbyes respectively.  i changed
> it to 20Kbytess and 8Kbytes and it seems to work.
> but need to trim further. can someone point me in
> the right direction to further reducing the stack size?
> thanks!
> cheers,
> tk
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