[Speex-dev] Speex under CE

Yannick Butin yannick.butin at eyepmedia.com
Wed Feb 2 05:00:17 PST 2005

Hi all,


I have tried to compile the last version (1.1.6) of Speex codec with
Embedded Visual C++ for a PocketPC 2003 platform.


The compilation is fine with float code but the fixed point code doesn't
compile due to the long long undefined type. In any way, the fixed point
version take more time that float version on a standard Pentium.


With the float version, the CPU taken to encode a wav file is 630%. It takes
240 seconds to encode a file of 40 seconds on an Intel PXA270 processor at
624 MHz.


Did you know if an optimized version for Windows CE platform exists (free or
not free)?


Thanks for your help.


Best regards,


Yannick Butin


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